Monday, November 5, 2012

The Difficulty of Branding

Let's start with a disclaimer: I know that I'll be lucky if I ever make enough money for my jewelry-making to be self-funded. I have no illusions about making a living off of jewelry.

Still, I'm trying to be a bit more business-minded about selling my work.  Of course, these days it's all about branding.  And this is a problem for me. I love making these:

These couldn't be more different from my polymer clay work. Where my polymer clay beads are all about color and pattern; these are about texture and shape. Where my clay beads are unique and hand-made, these are made with purchased pieces.

But they are so much fun to assemble!

Part of me thinks I should give up selling the steampunk-type necklaces, but last year, a woman bought one for $95! So that gives me a reason to put them on the table one more year.

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