Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Sometimes Progress is Slow

I'm afraid my knitting is rather boring as I'm just working on the heel flap of the Granola sock. I'm hoping that things will calm down around here and I'll be able to make better progress soon. I am making the leg much longer than the pattern because, well, I live in Wisconsin.
I read Regeneration by Pat Barker at least a decade ago, but I picked it up last night and it is still an amazing book. I was inspired to pluck it out of the bookcase (ok, one of the bookcases) by the Audible book I'm listening to, The Summer Before the War by Helen Simonson. Both books are about World War I, and both involve a doctor character who is interested in what came to be called "Shell Shock."

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  1. Beautiful, fancy sock! Just the thing for a Wisconsin winter. I quite enjoyed The Summer Before the War, esp. the first half, though the second half faltered a bit. That's how I felt about The Book of Speculation, too (actually, that's how so many first novels go, but The Summer Before the War isn't Simonson's first book).

  2. Beautiful sock! And, thank you for the book recommendation!

  3. Go, sock go!!! It's going to be spectacular!

  4. Hmmmm! Where did my post go? Oh well, as I said, I love that sock pattern and your color for it; one of those days I will start Granola. I just finished A Walk in the Woods. If hiking the Appalachian Trail were on my bucket list (it's not), I would be removing it! Sounds way too tough for me.