Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Sketching Seminar in Chicago

It was a hectic weekend in Chicago. My friend Tsela and I spent all Saturday and Sunday at a sketching seminar in Chicago. Each seminar was 3 amazing hours amid the sun and noise and energy of downtown Chicago.
There were tons of talented sketchers there, some traveling from as far as California and Florida.

I learned a lot -- especially about how much I have yet to learn! I don't think that my sketches were my best, but that's because I took on some new challenges, like adding shade and shadow.
And simplifying complex scenes into sketches:

Some of the other sketchers were truly amazing. Look at these two versions of "the bean" sculpture:
They are so different but yet so evocative.
All in all, it was a very sweet weekend -- except for that downtown traffic! But I am proud of myself for managing the driving.


  1. Wow....impressive all around!

  2. oh that traffic! Awesome accomplishments with art

  3. this looks like the BEST time!!!! Are you going to incorporate it into some journaling???

  4. Cheers for your safe brave driving...I dread city traffic. Your sketching is lovely to me and I enjoyed seeing the efforts of others as well. I have so much to learn, but am having fun learning :) xx

  5. I am blown away by your drawings! Bravo - for the drawing and the driving!

  6. you are so talented!!! and yay to driving, I would be a hot mess in city traffic.

  7. Oh wow! Love these sketches! they look "alive"!

  8. Looks like you're having a good summer vacation! Love your sketching..they are beautiful. Brave you to take on the Chicago driving!!!

  9. I think your sketches are magnificent!