Monday, April 25, 2016

Passover Weekend

The hosta are finally peaking out, just in time for Passover.
I pulled out my Mixmaster to make this amazing chocolate cake that no one can believe is really a Passover dessert; Passover desserts are famous for being just plain awful.
I do not know how anyone can bake without a standing mixer. My mom always had one, and I was shocked to find out that there are people who bake without one. I've tried hand-mixers, and they just don't measure up. It is so convenient to let it run while you measure out the next ingredient, and they do such a good job of mixing. Do you have one?

I went to two Seders this year and enjoyed them both. One was very casual, while the other was more traditional. A nice contrast. The guest of honor, of course, was this little sweetie.
Baby M is the only grandchild among my group of peers, so she has about a dozen honorary grandparents.

There was a little bit of knitting on my Reyna.
 Saturday was World Wide Sketch Crawl, and my group went to Madison's famed Farmers' Market that takes place on the square around the Capitol. It is crazy crowded, but very festive.
Sunday was for puttering around the house and doing work. Monday came too soon!

I'm joining up with Nicole to Keep Calm Craft On.


  1. Mmm...I love Passover desserts. I haunt my market for them as soon as they come out. All those years cooking for a Daughter with celiacs gave me a lot of respect for flourless sweets.

  2. Mmm the dessert sounds lovely. My mum had a mixer but I have never invested. I do all of my cakes by hand, I think I would like a mixer but I do think the stirring by hand is quite therapeutic!

  3. I have had standing mixers, but am currently without since ours is missed. I'm glad you have enjoyed two Seders! I enjoyed attending several, years ago. Your sketching group sounds like it would be great fun to attend :) Wishing you a happy, quick work week! xx

  4. hahah yes most of the Jewish goodies I've eaten are meh. My husband swears a woman who worked in the Fire Dept office had a Jewish family bakery and he said it was the BEST!
    I use a hand mixer. THis could be part of my baking problem!

  5. Happy Passover! I only use a hand mixer, I might need to rethink that!

  6. Oh I am a huge fan of my stand mixer. Though I still like my hand mixer best for things like meringue and even whipped cream if my bowl is not cold. But yes, recently I made some homemade oreos that suggested using a food processor and just laughed at that. ha!

  7. Did you do that sketch? I love it. Like your shawl, too. I have a stand mixer and loved using it, especially for making bread. However, I hardly ever bake anymore now that all our kids are gone. Too tempting!